Short and Fast/For my US friends: The twisted logic

Ok, you know that I’m a European and so have a different standing towards weapons, but nerveless, sometimes i doubt the average American intelligence: The twisted logic of the National Riffle Association:

Example 1:

“The only thing to stop a bad guy with a weapon is a good guy with a weapon. So abolish all gun control laws and let’s have everyone a gun”

That is an example of flawed or twisted logic:

  1. The obvious: There more than one way to stop an armed person: Reason with him/her, stun him/her, wait till he/she sleeps and arrest him/her,…….. . You don’t even need to be creative to find something here.
  2. The less obvious: You have 3 persons: A,B and V. V is the victim. So let’s say A is a “bad” guy. He plans to kill some one (V). But he didn’t pull his gun ore anything. So he is innocent. Planing and fantasy is not wrong. So when B kills A before A shots V, B is a murder. If B shots A after A shot B, B might have killed a murder, or maybe killed an innocent person, who wanted to stop an murder (Maybe V killed W before?).  So either way, this can’t prevent killings like the one in Newton, ore elsewhere.
  3. Gun control laws aren’t designed to take guns away from the “good” people. They’re designed to take them away from freaks, mentally ill and people that can’t understand or comprehend the nature of the weapon. Gun control laws are there for the public safety.

An other example of flawed logic is the following:

Example 2 (also an libertarian argument):

“Gun control laws are useless because the government cannot control everything and bad people can build their own guns”

This is much more flawed logic than the first one. The argumentation behind this example is simple: The “rule giver” cannot make 100% sure that the rule won’t be broken, so the rule is useless. A useless rule needs to be abolished.

This is totally flawed: Even if a “rule giver” cannot make sure that a law is followed all the time, the law is still useful. Consider the following: There is a rule, that murdering an other human is forbidden. So not all people follow the rule….

These are twisted arguments…. If you know an other twisted logic argument for me, please send it to me 🙂



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