For my US friends: The Voting System

Ok friends: here we are again Smiley

Today I want to talk about the us voting system. In the US, you can vote on most themes. You can sometimes even vote on topics where a vote is really stupid, like who should be an prosecutor or what should be thought in school (instead of science…..).

But all nearly all the time the voting system used is a “First pass the Post” system. In such a system the party or topic which gains most of the votes, compared to every single other voting option, makes the deal.

While it’s an simple system, it has some very major draw backs:

1) I tends to become a two or three party system: With a few parties always loosing the vote, their supporters start to vote tactical: The are starting to support the party that is the less of some evil.

This process of supporting a party that is the lesser evil of the remaining parties more and more options are falling out. And finally you have two ore sometimes three parties left, but no more choice.

2) A real consent of the people won’t be reached, because one party can rule alone and there won’t be a need for a consent. So every time the ruling party changes, the whole politics will be overthrown and there isn’t a stable consent.

So please US: Get yourself a better voting system. At least get yourself a better voting system for congress and president.

Btw.: I just found this on the net:

It’s way better than anything I could write now!


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