For my US friends: The political system

You know, from time to time I’m chatting and skyping with a few of my American friends and exchanging some ideas, som gossip and the newest personal infos. Yesterday was such a day 😀

Yesterday was no different besides that we got ourselves stuck in an discussion on different political themes. Their political system is so different from ours, that, as an European,most of the time we don’t get it completely. I mean, we understand the system laid down in the us constitution, but what we don’t get is the difference in the living politics: Only two parties, which are more like different parties stuck together. No wonder, that there seems to be no other party than democrats and republicans: You have nearly all political views represented in one of the two big parties.

As an European, a friend of a parliamentary democracy, i find the American system undemocratic. The concentration in only two big parties makes it impossible for the voter to express their view other than giving it to one side of the same coin.

Naturally there are other parties too, but they don’t have a chance: As an independent (not bound to one of the two big parties) politician, or, as bad as the first, an politician emerging from the lower social classes, you face the problem of total blockade in the houses, the problem of missing financial support for an campaign and so on and son on.

An even as an member of one of the big parties: You need money to organize your campaign inside your party, you need influence and connections to the big media and so one. If you want to become a politician, you need to be an rich/powerful men.

The political system of the us is not an democracy of the people, it’s an oligarchy, legitimated by more or less choiceless elections.



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